Michael R. Neuert, MA, BSME


Local Office:  1-707-578-1645
Toll Free: 1-800-638-3781

Main Office Located in Santa Rosa, California.  For more information about EMFs, please go to... www.EMFCenter.com


    Michael Neuert provides the services, products and information needed to test and reduce electromagnetic fields (EMFs) — in your home, school and office.  Services can be provided on-site in Northern California, or via telephone consultation across the entire United States and Canada.

 On-Site EMF Testing, Consulting, Shielding & Mitigation...

  • Professional testing of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) in homes, schools, offices, large commercial buildings, computer work areas, etc. We provide real estate surveys and written reports as needed.

  • Shielding Services: Professional design and installation of EMF shielding for electrical panels, meters, appliances, refrigerators, transformers, motors, cables, computers, and other common EMF sources.

  • EMF Repairs: Engineering services to repair electrical wiring systems, eliminate stray electricity in metal pipes and grounding, install field cancellation equipment, reduce electromagnetic interference (EMI), and solve other problems related to EMFs.

  • "EMF-Free" Wiring: Design and specification of proper methods, materials and placements for the installation of shielded EMF-Free wiring in new/remodel construction.  (Installation of "EMF-Free" Wiring by licensed electrical contractors available in northern California.)

EMF Telephone Consultations, Nationwide...

  • EMF Telephone Consultations: Expert guidance over the telephone for homeowners, sensitive individuals, designers, electricians and contractors to help answer all of your questions about EMFs and the best ways to reduce them.

  • “EMF-Free" Wiring Design:  Specification of proper materials and methods to install shielded EMF-Free electrical wiring for new/remodel construction.